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PostSubject: ---Wordplay---   Wed Jul 30, 2008 2:53 am

Wordplay - A pun, or words that has double meaning.

This has to be the best part of writing a verse. Wordplays are puns. Or
words that have double meaning used to conjoint two different concept
together yet make sense out of it. It's just basically that, playing
with words.
Wordplay can be stretched out to a number of different meanings. Some
people refer to wordplay as using more advanced words. I tend to call
this 'Word-Use'. Wordplay is where you use multiple words that relate
to each-other throughout the line/bar that youíre using. For example...

I could use this line...

Like a cactus without the needles he needs protection /

This would be wordplay. Obviously you can tell that a cactus has needles for protection. See where they relate?
You could change words throughout the sentence to make a more
offensive, less offensive, or totally foolish line. Obviously the more
offensive the better. Check it out...

Like a cactus, this prick is nothing without protection /

Can you see where Iíve changed about four words to use the sentence
more effectively? Take time whilst writing your lyrics to ensure this.
The more wordplay you use the better as it shows you've actually worked
on a lyric, plus it helps improve in the long run. Only thing is donít
go over the top - If you use a stupid amount then it'll disguise the
punch, completely ruining the line. It may not work every time
obviously, and some lines will have more to offer than others, but its
all about how you use it.


Example: make you O≤, like the oxygen you wasted/ (0-2)
Example: titanicís the sixth sense, icy dead people/ (I see)
Example: make you shake in your boots, like cowboys at baskin robins/

This is my most effective punch play method. By use of double meanings
you are connecting two homophones (your wordplay) into a punch. Notice
that I said homophones. This does not include words that pretty much
sound like another. To find out if your own creations are forced, go
through syllable by syllable and if any one syllable doesnít match its
counterpart, it is indeed forcedÖ


Example: what took you twenty? I in-ten-did/ (intended)
Example: all new? All blue? this kidís walking crip-tonight/ (kryptonite)
Example: wearing you out, jus another casual-tee/ (casualty)

When splicing a word into two separates you must use a hyphen to show
connection. These are the easiest wordplays to start with considering
all you are essentially doing is dividing a word into syllables and
connecting the different syllables in altered ways. Again, go syllable
by syllable to find any forces. It isnít required that any homophones
be found in these wordplays to justify it as wordplay, but they do make
it that much more inventive.


Example: like pregnant Christians, you never de-fetus kids/ (defeat us)
Example: must be on the budget phone service cause your clique inactive/ (click in active)

When combining words you may or may not find it necessary to use
hyphens, strictly up to the emcee. These can pack a powerful punch just
as all wordplay can, but once again, be careful not to force. All that
is required form this type of wordplay is that words be adjoined,
though homophones within help periodically.


Example: like night of the living dead, Iím laying off this coroner/
Example: forfeit? Nah, split you up like divorces/
Example: watch my fist kiss your jaw like holy matrimony/

These are punches, clever ones at that, but they arenít wordplay. A
punch is generally a comparison of some sort poking fun at someone or
something, or making a clever statement of some sort. But a punch by

More examples:

A."You can't [bust] like [passenger without tokens]"
In this case, "BUST" is a wordplay for "BUS", it's relation is to PASSENGER WITHOUT TOKENS. Cause when you think of it, A PASSENGER
WITHOUT TOKENS are not allow to ride on the BUS. Yet in this case BUST
itself is referred to spitting off the top. You could also say that you can't spit a freestyle.

B."Your [lion] ass is getting [held up] like a young [Simba]"
In this case, "LION" is a wordplay for "LYING". "HELD UP" is another
word for a stick up. A robbery rather. If you had seen the movie THE
LION KING. Young SIMBA was held up to show the rest of the animals when
he was born. But in this instance, you're basically saying that. Your
Lying ass is being stick up.

thnks to R@F for da help.Courtesy:DR


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