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 swagger verse

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PostSubject: swagger verse   Sun May 23, 2010 11:40 pm

it like av been spitting for life time, bag of rhyme
mixed with this life of crime,
flow so stylish they say the swaggers mine,
so who u try jack-off it will be the dagger time,
n ladies i be bagging mine,
cuz wen they ghet with mo they no its like valentine
i dn't like man that pretend,
tell me what u know about these ends,
no mask on wen we beef-in, kick- teeth-in ,
am a goon so loot ill be thieving,
smoke like snoop so u no its NOTING BUT a G-thing, i no ill b-king,
ladies i be freaking, every weekend,
leave them weak-n maybe on the knee n bent over so easy
its not my fault your girls thinks am the bee-nees
thats why shes loves to please-me, likes giggs am like jeezeee me
don't bring no drama man
its not my fault ur chick round my dick like a pammaham
make u go on the run like you Osman man
see i treat my wife the best that just standard
leave my goon attitude in the car with mandem
but she sed she gangsta she can handle
so i bend her over make her hands touch her ankles
that just a dance move
i think am not the best u ever had
jokes sex so good u wish the rest u never shagged
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swagger verse
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