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PostSubject: R.I.P vERSE   Sun May 23, 2010 11:36 pm

Looking at my life line
22 years
so many past on
some are still here
memories collide in the bk of my mind
deepest condolence can't be configured in a form of rhyme
i'm stood at crossroads
just bones no harmony
this pain i feel ain't harming-me
cuz when i look up at the sky
you are the stars i see
i pray at least ur free
from the struggle of these concrete street
its like we were born to be lynched
by the end of puberty
life got no limit thats what death has proved to me
one day your here
next day your gone
so i collect your memories and put them in this song

how you doing up there
walking through heavens doors
how did it feel to get ur 1st steps-in
since u been gone its been kinda hectic
pressure on mans they snapping like bread sticks
i never knew how hard this kinda stress hits
but i take it on the chin, i know how much missed
reminisce of the time, school and on road
we so young but you looked fully grown
tower over us like a tower in the blocks
21 gone so young it was shock
got so many calls didn't believe any
untill i went to the funeral and it was you that was buried
u seemed at peace when u lay a sleep in the casket
i see the smile so i guess heaven gate u passed it
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