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 verse check!!!

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PostSubject: verse check!!!   Sun May 23, 2010 11:34 pm

we was born in the dark, child of the nights
my life has been writien with star in the sky
stanards are high so i aim for space
to crowed aound here i just need to excape
some be dazed off the purple haze
certain mind state attract certain crimes rate
certain man poosers hang them like posters
berries we reasoning strong shit make your knee kick-in
camafalging to night sky
bally on waiting for the sun rise
let the daybreak and let the sin fade
wash the blood stain concrete with rain
this streets are insane like bobby on kane
bobbies never came cuz bobbies were afriad
of boy in da corner but dizzie ain't the name
send u off track like ur dizzie in the lane
my aim is to finish of the game, sounds like cheque mate
boxed-in king of ring just like boxing
man are on hype they like box-him, if you wnt 2 be big boss-in
so i through in the corpeses, i live for sun so no more court case
9-5 live on rotate. night life there to much road hate
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verse check!!!
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