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 T.O.R's brand new single "Thugz Rebound"

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PostSubject: T.O.R's brand new single "Thugz Rebound"   Tue Jun 30, 2009 7:09 am

Hey fellaz, after the friggin' xams and a string of successful shows, T.O.R is back with a brand new single. So everybody, pump up your volume and unleash "Thugz Rebound."


Verse 1 : AdY
Verse 2 : ZaX (1st part) SkyLLs (2nd part)
Verse 3 : Grand T
Hooks : ZaX

Plz leave your feeds


Verse1: AdY

dekh ami ki kore kothata jorai
its hot and spicy dish tomar rannar korai
i flow wid da beat wen da beat is on
i am da new rap king from down town
now are u ready to swing wid da rhyme
kothar mela dats gonna get u high
purbo poshchim uttor dokkhin
shobais gonna hear me spitting
ja ase chaire de
machine adnan aise re


We be runnin it, We be rockin it, TOR Thugz on roids we be doin it (X2)
We be rollin it, we be toppin it, ZaX, SkyLLs, AdY and Grand T, we be poppin it
We be runnin it, we be rockin it, TOR Thugz on roids we be doin it!

Verse 2 :


We be rippin' and rollin' and blazin' straight to the top
We be unleashing the inferno, Zax makin it hot
With a complex audible attack we be makin u drop
Thugz On Roids has arrived to rule Bd hiphop
As the wheels go spinnin and burnin, the clock be ticking and turning
We freestylin and spittin, in the meantime be captivating
Outshining, every single one of ya'll with our uprising
Destroying whatever's in our way, every fuckin competition!


eibar ami firay eshechi for full n final
shob kichu eibar shesh korbo top to bottom
no dissin no beefin jus straight to straight
ja bola'r asey ta boila dimu on ur face
spittin is my game, i play it wid my fame
adrenaline rushin high as i spit on the mic
at the club, in the car, on the beach, at the bar
pump up ur volume skylls reppin T.O.R


Verse 3 : Grand T

Onek ajaira kothato ora FUCKailo ei maatite
Oderke ke belll dibe ei T.O.R er ghaatite
Shotrura jaanena amra pura taar chhira
Ora jaanena T.O.R er ghaar koto tera!
Amra shotruke shotruri moto kolla chaippa dhori
Gutibaaji kora polapain re chipae loia maari
Amra jokhon ashi golite-golite, shob parate..
Amra gaarai, Keo parena..Amgore garaite!
Mic haate mukh chhutle akbar agun dhore mathate
Ajaira shotrura shuina muitta fele kothate
Grand T ebaar naamse pura Dhaka shohor kopaite
Bangladesh er mathae Bangla rap er poka dhukaite
T.O.R kotha bole...T.O.R er bhaashate
Bangla rap-er daapot akhon cholbe tomar baashate
Amra scene e aisha porle ar kichhur nai dorkar
Gaarite, Baarite shobar cholbe akhon T.O.R

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T.O.R's brand new single "Thugz Rebound"
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