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 No Replacement

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Mc Fazze aka Reload

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PostSubject: No Replacement   Tue Dec 30, 2008 12:31 am

hey yo....letz c if i still hav it.....dis is jus a solo verse...download & lemme know how was it......honest feeds will b highly appreciated by urs truly ...lol

Track -- "No Replacement"

Link---- 4shared.com/file/77868933/85cad336/No_Replacement.html?dirPwdVerified=8acb43fc


From The…
Start no need of guards I urge
Da Earth da best mc here with hurts//
From birth I developed dis art, dis masterpiece
I aint Jin nigga, I aint Japanese//
I clap-&-leave// enough 2 see
Da biggest hoes comes from Maple Leaf//
I bag-'em-see all dis fag-MCs
I cracked-a-G put em in vacant-See
'Tha mastapiece'// every gats-a-piece
So shut-da-fuk-up be4 I past-capiche//
That’s-da-teeth I have 2 eat
Coz when im in a battle it's never past-da-beef//
Jus pass-da-beef I won't resist 2 eat
Bitches screaming on pregnancy// (tests)
Imma blast-dis-beat// imma bash-ur-crib
With al dis tight beats-I-rip// (next)
Coz I can see// u goin bak so flee
U defeating me// that aint happening//
RBC on top, that aint happening
"F A" on top, “That’s Happening”//
Coz difference between me & u, itz widening
Everyday da punches & skills I drag-em-in//
Everyday skills r tightening
Punches more fierce then lightening//
I rap-&-win//
Coz ma skills, it scares & puts ur Adams apple-in//
Rap aint for u, put some Led Zeppelin-in
My flows a track, race da lap-&-win//
This cd with me be da perfect recipe
Influenced from ma nigga ‘Nasir’-he//
Taught me 2 be at da top assembly
& spit like ma’fuckin Cassidy//
What-a-G?! Is it tru that-a-G
Makes new plans on hustling new strategies??
Behind da quarter back lemme pass-it-G
But da pass-would-lead 2 a fuken tragedy//
Good memories but da past-would-mean
Da past-for-me is a past-of-beef//
I squash-MCs I slash-off-beefs
Enlighten myself as I wash-off-beefs//
Let Hip-Hop be da new fashion-please
“All for Money”, make my passion-leave//
& no-beef, imma keep da shit-clean
I spit-supreme// to beat-Dupree//
Let da other rappers all-debate
Coz when Fazze arrive thy all-be-wastes//
Dis page is ma field when I CULTIVATE

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No Replacement
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