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 New Website Launched - Dec 2008 [DeshiRhymes 09]

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PostSubject: New Website Launched - Dec 2008 [DeshiRhymes 09]   Mon Dec 01, 2008 11:24 pm


Things are looking pretty good for December 1st. The launch of the new DeshiRhymes.com, something that Ive been working on for the past few weeks day and night. And it’s finally up and ready for people to see! What’s more is the new DeshiRhymes.com has these new blogs! We’re starting off with just four exclusive blogs - Mr. MR, Stray, Skibkhan & DJ R@F. There will definitely be a lot more to follow.

The New Site

With this latest update in DeshiRhymes.com, we introduced a few more services that we think will help promote hip hop as a way of life. To start off, we have new DeshiRhymes sponsored ‘DR Blogs‘ for the first time in Bangladesh. These user blogs will help promote our young artists and take the whole hip hop industry to yet another new level. More over, the new update comes with an online mp3 player which will help promote our underground emcees to the rest of the world. Its an mp3 player with Top 20 charts and some selected songs from every top hip hop album in Bangladesh, with the ability to download songs as well!
NOTE- For now, the online mp3 player has 'test' songs on it.. these will be removed shortly!

The New Blogs

Mr. MR, someone who has been involved with music, in general, for the past I dont know how many years, is by far one of the most knowledgeable people I’ve ever seen. His blog, Mash Up with MR. MR, will be one hell of a blog with information for everyone out there. Musicians, fans, rappers, emcees, students, kids and just about everyone out there will enjoy Mash Up.


Stray is another guy who knows so much about rap and hip hop that his opinions and skills will help emcees all over the world, no doubt. He hopes to reach out to emcees of all ages with his personal Blog, The Khanflict Resolution. He will make an effort to help out the new emcees by posting tutorials and various other posts about things that really worked for him.


Skibkhan, someone who needs no introduction. He has worked hard through his time in music and has come a long way. His blog is going to reflect his life and the many projects he is involved in. Hip Hop fans and music fans will greatly advantage with Skibkhan’s My Life, something we’re all looking forward to!


And Finally, my blog. Im gonna post interesting music stuff and stuff about DR every now and again. But you'd have to check it out to know what Im talking about!

1Mic Audio Tournament

Now this is what Im REALLY excited about. The first ever Audio Tournament in Bangladesh, for Bangladeshis, to find the next Bangladeshi rap artist. It’ll be a tournament aimed at the underground emcees in Bangladesh to discover the next big rap artist in Bangladesh. It’ll be a tournament starting from January, but we are accepting song submissions for the tournament from December 1st, so if you havent submitted a song yet, go on to http://1mic.DeshiRhymes.com NOW!

So post what you think about the new site here or shoot an email at info@deshirhymes.com

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PostSubject: Re: New Website Launched - Dec 2008 [DeshiRhymes 09]   Tue May 12, 2009 8:05 pm

the new site looks cool
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New Website Launched - Dec 2008 [DeshiRhymes 09]
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